Why Chemistry is Important

The International Year of Chemistry 2011

“Chemistry—our life, our future”

A Day Without Chemistry

Imagine a day without cars, electric lights, TV, telephones, safe food, and water, medicine, clothing, your house, and thousands of other familiar objects that make up modern society. Do it, and you are imagining a day in a world without chemistry.

The American Chemical Society (ACS)

The Future We Create

The Future of Sustainable Chemistry: Continuing the Conversation

Dr. Paul Alivisatos, Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, explains why the ability to use materials in a way that generates “complete cycles” is the key to sustainability.

Collaborating for Renewable Energy and New Solutions: Csaba Janaky and Richard Hartshorn

We hear from two scientists, Csaba Janaky and Richard Hartshorn, about the importance of collaboration for finding the greatest number of sustainable solutions to our challenges. They discuss how collaboration applies to the area of renewable energy specifically, and to all disciplines broadly.


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