Chemistry Problem Solving Competition for Grade 11

Date: November 24, 2011
Venue: Chemistry Department, UWI Mona

This is the battle of the Chemistry minds when twenty four (24) secondary schools will get the chance to compete with each other to crack written chemistry problems and a hands-on chemistry task. The top five schools will then participate in a face-off to determine the top three winners. The problems will be based on the mole concept and everyday chemistry such as kitchen chemistry and household chemicals.

Send your best team and let the games begin! (Schools will be represented by four-member teams)

There is a registration fee of three thousand dollars ($3,000) per school

Download the Programme of Activities and Registration Form

For additional Information about the competition contact:

Simone Williams
Chemistry Department
University of the West Indies, Mona
Tel.: 927-1910 or 970-6022
Cell.: 792-1121
Fax: 977-1835


1 thought on “Chemistry Problem Solving Competition for Grade 11

  1. Ms. Williams, I’m from Knox College (High) in Clarendon. Could more be said about the types of Chemistry problems, especially mole concept and the hands on section?

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