Experimental Cuisine Demonstration – The Chemistry and Physics of Food

A Demonstration on Experimental Cuisine: The Chemistry and Physics of food will be presented by Kent Kirshenbaum, Professor of Food Chemistry at New York University. Time to be confirmed.

Kent Kirshenbaum

Kent Kirshenbaum

Additional Links:

Scoop of Stretchy Ice-cream:
A traditional Turkish ice cream stretches like silly putty. What makes the ice cream stretchy? Watch Video

Organic Chemistry: How to fold a molecule:
21st Century Chemist Kent Kirshenbaum of New York University engineers and folds synthetic peptoidsin hopes of creating “hunter-killer” molecules that can target and destroy deadly bacteria like staph (MRSA). Watch Video

Advanced Culinary Chemistry – Sizzles of the Summer
Summer is a time for outdoor get-togethers, relaxing under the sun and the “Great American BBQ.” Every cook who pronounces their sauce the best has a family recipe or tried and true process to make that claim. But what’s really behind the best barbeque? Is it the perfect blend of secret seasonings, the marinating, the basting, the wood chips, or is it the chemistry? Get ready to unveil the chemistry behind one of the most sought after aromas of barbeque — smoke house flavour. Watch Video

Making Spirits, Distilled
Thirsty? Learn how to make vodka and gin. Doug MacKenzie, master distiller at Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, WI, and Kent Kirshenbaum, a chemist at New York University, demonstrate the art and science of spirit-making. Watch Video

Kent Kirshenbaum on Radio New Zealand
New York University’s Kent Kirshenbaum is tapping into the public’s love of food to present chemistry in a way that is both fun and accessible. Read More. Listen Audio: Ogg Vorbis, Mp3


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